‘Connecting Solutions for the Neck, Shoulder Arm & Chest Pain’

The knowledge that movement impairments are a key component is widely known but the, 'how do you connect things together?' is not always so clear.

 This webinar aims to equip you with a global view on the factors that compound this problem and offer clinical and practical understandings to allow you new ways to approach this problem and make connections.

 Mark will give you a multi layered approach that shows you how to:

  • Screen movement and performance in functionally relevant multi-joint movement analysis of the upper quadrant.
  • Identify specific movement impairment tests.
  • Integrate movement reconditioning to high-performance function.
  • Know the importance of follow-up for maintenance of optimal movement control strategies to prevent recurrence.
  • Identify the presentation of atypical thoracic outlet syndrome presentations.

Length: approx 1hr

Please note it can take up to 5 working days to make your access live / access is for 90 days

Connecting Solutions for the Neck, Shoulder Arm & Chest Pain