In this masterclass in clinical excellence, Mark Comerford shares his vast experience and expertise by supplying clinic and gym ready solutions to address movement issues of the hip flexor synergists with regards to loss of extensibility, and alterations and deficits in recruitment following the presence of pain and pathology.

Mark explores testing, restriction management, and retraining strategies to change hip flexor recruitment patterns in addition to providing his underlying rationales for the methods employed.

Content includes:

  • The relationship of the CNS to hip flexor synergists recruitment and discrimination
  • Commonly observed changes in hip flexor synergists recruitment following pain and pathology
  • Testing of two-joint hip flexor extensibility identifying loss of range in myofascial structures may be accompanied by hypermobility in the hip joint
  • Practical strategies to regain extensibility and alter hip flexor synergist contribution to ensure desirable ranges of motion are maintainable in the long-term
  • Muscle recruitment efficiency testing
  • Exploration of functional length
  • Enhance movement efficiency based on the Muscle Classification Model (Comerford & Mottram, 2012)
UPSKILL your assessment and retraining of the HIP FLEXORS
45 minutes to expand your clinical excellence

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Sorting out the Hip Flexors