Can muscle history predict our clients’ movement present and futures?

The need for multi-factorial muscle classification models in long term movement management.

This 3-part webinar delves into the reasoning behind Comerford & Mottram’s (2012) muscle classification system and how it may be applied to manage the complexity of human movement for both performance and injury risk reduction goals. The classification model allows muscle synergies to be ‘weighted’ in respect to movement efficiency based on multiple factors.
No movement is wrong, no movement is bad, however, respecting the distinctions existent between the muscles forming any muscle synergy supplies practitioners a foothold by which to apply reasoned exercise interventions with every client group.

Part 1 Muscle Characterisation

Mark Comerford describes the original process behind the development of the model. (Over 25 minutes)

Part 2 Muscle Classification

Part 2 sees Mark describe the classification model in detail. (Over 25 minutes)

Part 3 Models to Manage Muscle Synergies

In the final section, Lincoln Blandford take a contemporary dynamical systems perspective on the model and considers how it can be employed to manage the complexity of both function and performance. (Over 35 minutes)

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